While I’m not posting so much…

Since the price of gas is still astronomical and I still don’t have A/C* in Roxy, you might have noticed my posts keep getting fewer and farther between.

So, if you are looking for more stuff, might I suggest heading over to Whiteroofradio.com and go through the archives. There are some great shows from last year that I have even listened to again. Or play along with the MPG game (Woofcast 80). We do have some cool prizes to give away!

Or, you could always check out my personal blog for some funny rants and interesting other tidbits I throw up there. WARNING – geek content can be high sometimes and some of the language that slips onto the page might offend some.

Of course I am assuming that you are current on your Motoringfile reading as well as that list on the right. If not, that would be a better spot to start.

*A/C repair is looking like it might actually be happening sometime in the next couple of weeks. More as it becomes available.