Just a quick question, which really isn’t aimed at any of you, because I’m sure you would know better.

Why don’t you wave back?

I see you on the street. Sometimes 4 or 5 in a day. Of that, maybe 1 of you will acknowledge that I too am driving a MINI. Curious.

I, as I am sure most of you, fell in love with this little car of ours before your butt even hit the drivers seat. It is you that always waves back. Or nods. Or honks.

What about the rest? Did you just see this car and say ‘gotta have me one of them’? Thinking you would have the newest cool car in the lot at the office? Do you know the history? Did you trade a Lexus for your MINI? Have you even bothered to take it on a road that has more curves than the McDonald’s drive thru? Well?

Anyway, I will continue to wave. Here is hoping that someday you decided to wave back.

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