I know this is an on going issue with many of you, but it’s totally out of control for me. It must be all of the construction going on here in the hot CA real estate market, but my windscreen is totally thrashed!

I currently have a long crack going from the drivers side to about 8" in towards the middle. Odd, it looks like a stress crack, but it was caused by a rock. Also, as of yesterday, I know have 4 chips and/or stars on the windscreen.

I would mind so much if this was my first, but it’s not. My current windscreen has only been installed for like 9 months, and I have to replace it again.

Anyone else have this problem. Not so much with the stess cracks, but an inordinate amount of chips from flying rocks? Or, am I the only one?

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  1. No rocks issue here, but I must have had 1000 butterflies/moths hit my windscreen just this week alone.

    I guess I’d rather than that than rocks. Sorry dude.

  2. I’d rather have your problem. Rocks haven’t done a thing to my windshield but sure have thrashed my hood. (not to mention a ding on the roof.)

  3. oh, I didn’t mention the bonnet, bumper or fenders. covered in little white spots from all of the missing paint, and the bumpers are super rough!

  4. Rocks + MINI windshield = chips, bull’s-eye cracks…
    Last Thursday a rock hit my wife’s ’05 MINI windshield, aka windscreen, when she was motoring down the highway, that resulted in a bull’s-eye crack just below eye level on the driver’s side. $50 at the glass repair shop pretty much fixed the crack but it isn’t perfect…oh well the price you pay for motoring.
    I hear the PPG replacement windscreen (windshield) is much more durable then the stock German MINI unit.
    Dave S.
    Bedford, OH
    ’05 MINI-S

  5. The one I have IS the PPG replacement! /me thinks I need to stay further away from the big trucks and intermitent rock storms :)

  6. Yes, lots of chips here, but no cracks- yet. I’ve never had a car with this many chips in the windsreen. Although I have put 70,000 miles on in just over 3 years, my other cars with over 100k have either none or only a speck here and there.

  7. Weve had our New Cooper S since May 05 and we are now on our third windscreen thanks to stones.

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