Yea, I drove it

MTTS Boston:  SundayWhile at MTTS – LA last weekend, I took the chance (and waited in line) at driving the factory JCW car around the Auto-X course they had set up.

I’ve read tons of reviews about this car already, and the main thing that always comes up is torque steer.

And they are all correct. Holy. Crap.

Torque steer would be an understatement. More like unstable-when-shifting-into-2nd-under-power is more like it. From a dead stop, it’s barely noticeable. But then shift from first to second and get back on the gas and hold on tight! Completely unexpected.

My drive was short, around a very tight course and I only drove it once. I would like to get some more time either on the street or track, but if I had to say right now, this car is overkill. Sure it goes like a raped ape. Stops before the dime and handles better than a rollercoaster, but that’s a lot of power trying to escape through the front wheels and I think it might be a bit to much.

_…Says the guy with the 110HP MINI Cooper with 193k miles on it_.

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  1. Still whats sad is that more than of a few other manufactures have figured out how to develop a car with equal or more HP/torque than the JCW Mini without suffering this. Heck Mazda pretty much proves this point with their 3 speed. Still think a Factory car should have been a much better development but thats just my opinion.

  2. My R56 MCS surprised me the first few times when accelerating through a corner in second gear. It’s something I prepare for now and just hold on. That still doesn’t stop me from wanting even more HP, although I’ll be doing it in stages. Intake mods, then later exhaust mods and then even later, maybe a piggy-back chip mod.

  3. My GP has a lot of HP, too, extra HP: – like 240 – and does have torque steer – but you know it’s going to happen, prepare, anticipate and compensate for it.

  4. I hear that George, GP 0509 has more than a little too, torque steer is a part of the issues with FWD cars and always will be. The huge low end torque steer though will alway leave JCW Mini owners dealing with it.

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