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  1. I had the same problem in my 96 Z3. Full tank of gas follewed by hard cornering and the gas gauge went to empty. A restart and it would be fine. A full but not topped off tank and it was fine. They replaced the sending unit and it was better for a while then returned. I lerned to live with it as part of the cars personality.

  2. I saw almost the same thing once. Filled up the tank. Parked the car overnight. Next morning, tank reads empty. It took a couple hours of driving or a couple of starts before it was back to reading normally.

  3. wow…so I am the only person on the planet to not have seen this.

    I feel like Todd before he got a flickr account ;)

  4. I have something like that but not quite the same. My light that tells me fuel is low sometimes stays on, often goes out when I add more fuel or within a day and it’s very rare for it to stay lit when I fill up.

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