music stuff
I was curious to see what the other tracks from the Italian Job were (you know, the ones not included on the soundtrack), and thanks to google and I was able to find out:

Money – Velvet Revolver = riding in the truck before the bridge.
The Wrekoning – Boomkat = when Stella drives MINI back to store
California Soul – Marlena Shaw = the “arrival in LA” montage
ABC 123 – Jackson 5 = little Charlie stills bully’s wallet
Go – Andy Hunter = MINI test drive in warehouse w/computer
Pedal To The Medal – Kazzer = 3 MINI’s test drive in LA canals…

I’ve managed to find a couple of these on napster or music match. I know they are out there.

Also, did I mention that I got 2 tickets to see Simon & Garfunkel in November at the Pond? If Josh can’t make it to SoCal in time, I’m going to have an extra ticket. anyone?