60K Service

Well, close enough.

Appointment is for tomorrow, which is about 600 miles too late.

I’m a bit nervous as to the cost of this visit. I was warned that it could be as high as $600! Ouch. And that doesn’t count the passenger side window motor, which I’m almost certain will have to be replaced at my cost.

Full report after the visit. I hear there is a new MA at Crevier too. He’s already off to a bad start, not returning my call from earlier today. Don’t worry, full report on the level of service as well.
Just got back from Crevier. First off, I didn’t get written up by the new MINI SA. No problem. Quote for the service to be done is just a few dollars short of $400, which is a huge savings based on what I originally thought it would be. They are also going to look at the passenger window to see if they can find the problem.

Update #2
Total cost is just under $390 from what I was told on the phone. I’ll have a full breakdown of services performed and costs of each later tonight. I am going to have to wait on the window motor for right now. $458 installed!

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  1. The entire visit is costing me. I am way out of service (59,800 miles) and I didn’t get the extended service contract. Not that it would have done me any good anyway.

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