Ok, so the Kumhos (Ecsta ASXs) have been on for a week and I’ve been able to do all kinds of driving. Here are my thoughts so far.

  • Wet traction is awesome! I drove Topanga Canyon in a pretty good rain and didn’t even break a sweat
  • Dry traction is very good. I was able to get in some time on my road that was fairly spirited to get the tires nice and warm. They did get just a little squirly but I think that’s because they had less than 500 miles on them. Not sure I’d use these at the track or for AutoX, but it would be a worthy experiment.
  • They are quiet. Road noise is almost non-existent.
  • They track well. Even on the freeways with huge grooves, they resist tramlining. There is some, but only on the extreme grooves
  • Ride quality is good. I would say the ride quality, while not as good as the Pirellis, is better than run-flats. On a scale 1-10, I’d rate the ride a 8.
  • They look great.

If you are looking for a good set of all-season tires and don’t want to break the bank, I would highly recommend a set of the Kumho Ecsta ASXs. I don’t think TireRack is carrying them anymore, but you can get them at Discount/Americas tire for a song!

Oh yea, I might have ordered an R56. Actually, I did, but you need to wait a few days to hear about that. Speak not of this in the comments as I wish not to jinx the process. All y’all should know how much I hate banks (read back to ’02 and the early ’03 posts to find out), and that process starts Monday.

But, if you wanted to cross your fingers or something, that would be ok ;)

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  1. Were you to order (not saying that you would or did), would you order another JustACooper or might you order an S?

  2. On the off chance that I would ‘actually’ place an order for an ’07 R56, I think that the chances are good it might be …

    • BRG/W/W
    • Cold Weather/Sport pack
    • Sport Suspension and Limited Slip

    So, yes, an S ;)

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