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I got this email today. Surprisingly, it didn’t go into my junk folder….

I read your blog and noticed that you’re a Mini enthusiast, so I wanted to let you know about a fun text-messaging game we’re running. Basically, my company (Limbo 41414, www.41414.com) is auctioning off a new Mini convertible to the LOWEST UNIQUE bidder. We recently sold a Hummer H3 (quite the opposite of the Mini) for $36.65!

It’s good fun and something that your friends and blog readers might have fun playing. To play, text MINI to 41414 on your cell phone, and instructions will come back to you.

I know it may sound too-good-to-be-true, but it’s not; we make our money from the phone networks who share their text messaging revenue with us. Take a look at our website (www.41414.com) to learn more.

So, I checked it out. They have a MINI Cooper Cabrio to give away and a plasma TV. You are allowed to bid 10 times per day and from what I can tell, you have to have a unique bid to actually get it posted. I thought it was fun and was a pretty ok way to kill about 10 minutes (today). Of course I’ll try tomorrow.

Oh yea, don’t do something silly and try to bid $30. That’s too high ( ! ) and they won’t accept it.

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  1. damn, I got a unique bid but apparantly there are 582 lower bids than mine, including two under 4.54! If I had unlimited free texting I might get into this.

    (yes, I have no life)

  2. I am that human — just trying to get the word out about our startup’s dandy new game, and hoping that you find it fun ;)

    ukpylot, you never know — a bunch of those 582 lower bids could get bumped!

    – Ian

  3. Yeah, they make their money not off the cell phone companies, but by selling your phone number to anyone that wants it!!! Nooooooo! It’s not worth it DB!

  4. Sorry to be the stick in the mud on this, either that or maybe it’s just me, but I don’t get it… What the heck is a unique bid, 3 chickens and a goat? A fraction of a cent?

    Then there’s the whole concept itself. The thought that they can sell expensive stuff for dirt cheap because their making enough money of the telcos to support the business…. The math just doesn’t add up… Carriers charge what $0.05 for every SMS message you send (assuming you don’t have a bucket SMS plan). So say these guys get half of that from the carriers as payment for getting users for generating these SMS messages, that would me they get $0.025 per SMS message sent to this company…

    A PSP that they claim to have “sold” for $0.05 would have had to have generated 7,959 SMS messages (excluding the 1 “winning” bid) just to break even…

    Or there’s the iPod that supposedly sold for $0.62, that’s 15,900 SMS messages….

    I know there’s a lot of SMS messages flying around, but something just doesn’t seem right…

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