A Fun Story (aka Boobs!)

MINI related in that it happened at MINI United. Much like the fun we had with Gabe during MTTS ’06. You must forgive me as this really works better in person and it requires 2 people, but I will do what I can.

Todd and I head over to the VIP Hospitality tent for some lunch. I’m waiting for him on the steps and look across to see a fairly drunk girl performing what I can only describe as stripper moves on a quad motorcycle that was parked in front of the MINI Challenge Safety car. Sorry, no photos.

Of course I have some kind of smart ass comment, maybe 2. When I hear this voice coming from below me, to the left. I don’t remember what she said, but when I looked down, I saw this.


She, much like her stripper friend, was also very drunk. About this time our man Todd returned, pulled out the iPod and acted like he was texting, getting these shots, knowing that none of the fellas back home would believe me. And, before you ask, of course I gave her a WRR decal. Always a gentleman I am.


Good times!

I’m still working on my write up and hope to get it posted sometime this week. For now, have a look at the photos, or listen to the audio if you missed it.

Comments are open and this post might self destruct in a few days.

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  1. Good lord! She DOES appear to be falling out of that top (poor thing, she’ll catch cold, lol).

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