a good customer service story

This from Miles, who just recently installed a rSpeed exhaust on his LY MC:

I had the exhaust installed, and it sounded amazing. In fact, I still find myself turning off the radio and just listening to my exhaust because I love the sound so much. Since it has been installed, I went back and forth with Peter (who is no longer with Rspeed) about a rattle that I was getting from the rear of the car, due to the hangers banging against the heat shields. I was never able to get it completely resolved until recently.

About two weeks ago, I emailed Peter about the problem, asking him if there were any last things he would suggest, because the rattling was starting to get old. About 15 minutes later, I got a phone call from Joe, the guy who handles all the development these days for Rspeed. He proceeded to tell me that Peter wasn�t there anymore, and that he wanted to do anything he could to help me out. After asking me a few questions, Joe determined that there might be an issue with the fact that my Cooper is an early build, and apparently they don�t usually recommend this exhaust for the earlier builds. Joe apologized, but it certainly wasn�t his fault since Peter failed to mention that to me in the beginning.

Joe was awesome. We continued to talk, and he offered to pay for me to take it to a high-end muffler shop to get it looked at and fixed. He said he�d reimburse me for all costs and labor. As if that wasn�t enough, he added that if that didn�t work, he would be happy to take it back for a full refund! I was floored at the outright amazing customer service Joe was displaying. After our conversation, I took it to a shop, and their synopsis was basically that it doesn�t fit. I notified Joe, and he is having me ship the exhaust back for a refund.

Even though the exhaust ultimately didn�t fit the car, I now have tremendous respect for Rspeed, and will continue to buy from them in the future. Joe demonstrated the type of customer service that every company should look at to model. I will also add that if this exhaust did fit my car, I would definitely have kept it, it�s a great exhaust for those of you looking for one (at least those of you without an early build Cooper).

I just thought it would be nice to give the guys over at rSpeed some props where props are quite obviously due! Nice work fellas!