A little maintenance

Since Roxy was getting an oil change and lube, I went ahead and broke down for a brand new K&N filter for her. I know I know…

“But db, you can clean those out”


“K&N Filters get better as they get dirtier”…

So, yes, I’ve heard the arguements. But, there is something about seeing light from a flashlight actually coming out of a new filter then not. Besides, the one that came with my Typhoon system had about 42K miles sucking in soot from 2 fire seasons plus all the dust and dirt the IE can produce. So I figured better safe than sorry. It cost more than a cleaning kit ($60 vs. about $20), but since she is my daily driver, and is getting up there in miles (79,300), I figured why not.

Besides, it might help the idle when the A/C is on. I’ll post back tomorrow.

Also, something new and exciting that has happened in a while to me. Driving around on Saturday and the DSC and Flat Tire lights came on. Neither would turn off using switches and reset procedures. They both did after 4 restarts. Now I’m going to have to get it in again and see what tripped them. Unless any of you have ideas?

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  1. I’ve had this happen to me twice, the first time it took a bunch of resets to get the lights off, the second time they never went off. It cost Brecht’s two new ABS units (though I think they replaced that because they couldn’t work out what smaller part to fix). Good luck.

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