A White Roof Clubman

Imagine my surprise a few weeks back when Todd posted photos on his Facebook page of a Clubman with a white roof. I was pretty excited about this to say the least.

Then I moved, and kinda forgot about it. Until I logged into the configurator for the first time in a few months. And, guess what I found there? A Clubman with a white roof. But, there is a but.

It is part of a package called the White Silver Package. With that you get spiffy 17″ wheels, Xenon headlamps that are blacked out, white silver paint and the ability to select a white roof. Just like you see above. Cool, right? I think so. I don’t think it’s $2250* worth of cool however.

What if you want BRG II with a white roof? Or Horizon Blue? Nope. Only with the white silver and only with the White Silver package. At least that’s the only way to do it using the configurator.

Dreams of a white roof’d Clubman from the factory have been dashed. It’s not like I’m going to buying one anytime soon, but it would have been nice to have the option of a white roof no matter what body color I picked.

*Clubman Cooper pricing. Clubman S pricing is $1750

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  1. I still wonder if the Clubman will be gone in a couple years, now the Countryman is coming … Not much bigger, silly rear doors, I think MINI doesn’t need it in between the two primary models (and sales figures aren’t great for it, may get much worse as Countryman comes on stream)

  2. I looked at the sam Clubman and thought it was fabulous. Would love to see one in person but the config pix make it look pretty good!!! Like the wheels too.

  3. When I was at my dealer making my 2011 order in septamber, they took possession of their first 2011 car on the lot. It was a white silver pkg clubman (non s). I was enamored by the body color, and I liked some of the other touches. The wheels are nice. The roof, YES. White. But at $2k for that option it felt manipulative. I walked away from the opportunity to buy it. I mean, it wasn’t hard: I wanted an S anyway, but the color and the roof were seductive.

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