birthday: 06.10.1968
Location: SoCal
MINI Owner since: 03/03

The whole obsession actually started when I was 19 years old in the shape of my 2nd car, a 1967 Austin Healy Sprite. Bright red, removable top and a slightly modified 1100cc engine. I drove that car for just about a year. Went through a broken crank shaft, an engine rebuild done wrong (I can swap the low end bearing on the engine without removing it!), carb sych problems and a broken exhaust. Still, it was just about the most fun I had ever had in a car.

Fast forward to 2002. I was looking for a new car when an Electric Blue/White MCS caught my eye. I did a test drive at Crevier MINI in Santa Ana, California, and the rest, as this ‘blog will show, is history.

I was looking for an outlet, and decided to jump on the ‘blog bandwagon. If you go through the archives, you’ll see that this was at one time my only outlet. I have since started w(t)f as a more personal ‘blog, built theMINI test and met some great people.

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