Alternator #2

The last time we spoke about an alternator was way back in November of ’08, right after I turned 200,000 miles on the odometer.

Fast forward to the number you see above. 251,972. Subtract about 20 miles from that and rewind back in time to 7/26/11. That’s when the unit actually went out. It was a rebuilt alternator that I picked up from an independant parts house in California. I don’t remember if it had a warranty or not, not that it matters since it would have been cost prohibitive to actually go through a warranty thing.

The alternator that was installed today came from Detroit Tuned (just like my control arm bushings) and installed by my new favorite shop right around the corner from where I work in Tempe, Arizona; Euro Techs. Jerry is the head wrench over there, serving time at local Jaguar and MINI dealerships for the past 10 years before stepping out on his own to run his own shop.

He replaced my alternator for much less than the dealer charges for service. Not only did he replace the alternator, he also fixed my non-functioning drivers side door handle (no charge) because it needed to be done and it only took him a few minutes.

Not only that, but he gave me a nice wish list of things to get done to Roxy. Clearly written including pricing. I’m extremely impressed.

If you are in Maricopa County and looking for a place to get work done on your MINI, I highly recommend EuroTechs in Tempe! Full details below. And, for the record, I did pay for the work done today. I really like the work that Jerry did and want to do what I can to help him out by spreading the word.

1803 E. Rio Salado Parkway, #104
Tempe, AZ 82581 | (480) 656-0341 |

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