AMVIV 9 – Did Your Register?

AMVIV, A MINI Vaction in Vegas, is coming up very soon! Starting June 14th and ending on the 17th this year at Palace Station, it’s my favorite event of the year! Almost the entire White Roof Radio crew will be there too!

And, for those of you not on the email list, this came in today to remind you that early registration closes on May 11th!

It’s about that time! Early registration for AMVIV is May 11, if you haven’t signed up yet I encourage you to click on this link and sign up!

Check this out, the “Strip Cruise” this AMVIV will be run in our pajama’s! Of course pajama’s are optional* and you are encouraged to motor the runway in your own fashion!! Maybe you would rather rock a zombie outfit, it’s your run! I am told that our very own Agro might have some ORANGE pj’s/tutu for this very motor, and as always some pre-motor hugs!

Jules was been spotted “buttering up” security at Palace this week! Rumor has it she was posting wanted photo’s of the Evil Twins at “5b” and schmoozing with Security. She’s definitely up to something interesting! Like us on Facebook to follow her mayhem! Click this link if you still need to get your room!

That is just a taste of the sweet goodness we have in store for you at this years event! Soon we will be adding a section to our site that has “alternative activities” for you to explore while on your MINI Vacation in Vegas!

You can register **right now** **right here**. And Palace Station is actually kicking in some strong discounts on rooms this year, and you don’t get charged when you book your room!

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