AMVIV: Close it out.

For those of you not subscribed to the AMVIV email list, you might have missed this message Saturday from Jules.

>You have told and heard the amazing stories and adventures that we all created during AMVIV Lucky Number 7. Fun times were had and legends were made at this Las Vegas event! Our MINI’S were dirty, cleaned, pushed, judged, and broke down, fixed up and even ticketed! We bought swag, danced, cocktailed, met Xiek, got tattoos and some were awarded crystal throwing death stars! Others attended unsavory parties that ended with a call to security (White Roof Radio pod cast 332 for full details), while a couple of pranksters attempted the kidnapping of Mr. and Ms. Cone! These things did happen! Most importantly we all had the opportunity to take loads of photos of our favorite things, our MINI’s and our new friends. Speaking of which, hopefully everyone received an “Agro Hug” and cherished it as much as we do!

>With all that said, please help us put the pieces together of everything that happened in Vegas! We are requesting that you upload your photos and videos to our new AMVIV Facebook page at the following link, so that we will all have one location to view all the evidence and judge our peers and their MINI’s:

>Click here for the new Facebook page

>If you do not have a Facebook account, your photos or videos are hosted on line, and you would like to share them without joining Facebook; feel free to forward me the link to your information and we can add this to the site directly for you.

>Lastly, a REWARD has been offered and will be given to the first person that uploads a photo of “the incident on the Charleston Run”.

>Thank you and we hope to see you all next year!

>Julie Preneta for the AMVIV committee

So, take a minute to become a fan of the page and share your photos, videos or anything else you can think of!

And, for the record, Julie was at the “unsavory party” that resulted in the WRR Hospitality Suite being shut down. Check out Woof 332 for the skinny.

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  1. Well, a special thanks to Lisa for drafting the note – I just tweaked it a bit and got it out there. They really want that “money shot” from Mt. Charleston ;)

    In my defense, I left after security came the first time – I think the real party started after I left. Isn’t that always the way???

    Had a blast ~ Thanks!


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