AMVIV Update 3

amviv6shbackTo recap, full email at the bottom of the post. Palace station has extended the room rate until March 13. You can get that rate by reserving your room at the Palace Station website or by calling. Be sure you use promo code PCIAMV9. Sure there are better deals, but then you’ll have to drive or get a taxi.

Banquet ticket sales are down a bit. Remember you will not be able to purchase tickets to the banquet at the Event! No way, no how, no sir. It’s been this way for a few years now, yet there always seem to be a few that didn’t get the word. If you know, and know people that are going, be sure to pass the word along, or share it with your club.

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Full email from Agro below. See you in 2 weeks!

Hi everyone.

It’s only 2½ weeks now till AMVIV starts and we’re working feverishly to get everything ready.

Shirts and hats have been ordered from the printers, so if you REALLY want to get a specific size shirt, order now before they are gone. We only have 7 small shirts left.

We have had a flurry of registrations in the past few days and we’re up to 279 as of this morning. That is still about 50 behind last year, but slightly ahead of the same point in 2007, so it’s looking like we’re going to have another great turnout.

Keep bugging your favorite vendors about AMVIV. It’s too late for them to get in the event book, but late registered vendors get everything else that the early guys do (publicity at the event, on the website, etc). We’ve had a couple of vendors register in the last week, and that’s great. The more vendors, the more fun you can have (and more money you can spend) at the Boot N Bonnet Show.

Palace Station room sales are lower than expected, I think at least partly because many of you received free or steeply discounted rooms through the players club. Since our numbers are down, Palace has extended the rate one more time to close on the 13th. The easiest way to get in on the group rate is to click through to;pciamv9;?/ or call (800) 634-3101 and use code "PCIAMV9". I have had a few people tell me that they called Palace and the rep on the other end of the phone had no idea what they were talking about. If you can, I’d suggest using the link instead of the phone.

When you arrive to check in at the event, your registration packet will be waiting for you. Registrations are done on the name attached to the Paypal account you paid with. If you used a friend’s/boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s/spouse’s Paypal account, THEIR NAME WILL BE ON THE REGISTRATION. Please know the name on the account you paid with.

If you bought more than 1 car registration, you will have more than 1 registration packet. I have tried to make sure that the name on the 2nd registration is the name you entered on the demographic page under “driver names for extra cars” so make sure the 2nd driver comes and checks in as well.

Vendors will be registered under whatever name is on the Paypal account you used to pay with. If you used an account with a person’s name on it, the person’s name is what you will need to pick up your packet. If you paid with a company Paypal account, you need to give the registration worker the company name. If your company registered as a vendor and you bought extra items on your own under your own name, you will have to check in yourself to get your stuff.

If you paid by check, your registration will be under the name you sent us on your paperwork.

If any of this is unclear or you’re not sure about your particular situation, please email me and I can tell you exactly how you’re registered and what name you’ll need to give at check in.

I have received an email from Palace Station telling me that our detailer can be up in the parking garage this year. The past few years, the detailer situation has been one of my biggest headaches with Palace having their own guy, then not having one, then our guy could be in the garage, then he had to be in the valet lot… Anyway, I have it in writing that we can have our detailer at the bottom of the center ramp between the 5th and 6th floors of the parking garage. This is the “up” ramp, not the “down” ramp where we stage the runs.

Banquet ticket sales are a little down on last year. At the moment, we have sold 317 compared to about 450 at the same time in 2008. Remember that the dinner is where the biggest donated prize from each vendor will be given away, as well as the Show And Shine prizes. I know you can eat cheaper in Vegas, but it’s about the atmosphere, and you don’t have to drive home after a few drinks.

I have added a link to to the AMVIV homepage. They don’t have an actual forecast going any further than 10 days, but the average temps during AMVIV week are highs in the low 70s. Beautiful!

1 reminder: event staff this year will be wearing light green (the color is called “kiwi”) event shirts at AMVIV. If you have a problem or question, find one of the staff to help you. If you are on a run, the run leaders will be wearing staff shirts to help you locate them. If you are having a good time, please thank the staff, as without their efforts, AMVIV wouldn’t happen.

If someone forwarded you this because they know you’re into MINIs but you’re not on the mailing list yet, go to to add yourself. If you don’t want to be on the list anymore, you can also unsubscribe yourself there.

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