An Argument for Automatic Transmission

I need this for a thing

Sure, says the guy who’s clutch went out on Friday. To be honest, I was working up this post in my head before that even happened.


You see the photo above? That’s from only 2 days of driving around, as I do, fixing computers. The part we are going to concern ourselves with today is right here.

I’ve been working in the city of Temecula, California mostly. A town about an hour north of San Diego. And, it has the most unorganized traffic light system that I have ever seen. So bad, it has made me realize, after talking to a car salesmen a few weeks back, why cars with manual transmissions don’t sell in this area.

122 miles. Average speed about 35MPH. You see, in the town of Temecula, there is a traffic signal every other block (about every 1/2 mile or so). You have probably already guessed, based on my average speed, that the word synchronization has never been muttered at any of the city meetings. No kidding, during the course of 2 days I hit every other signal, on average, red.

Red lights.

Every mile.

Stop. Then go.

Sometimes it’s worse.

It’s no wonder automatic transmissions are such big sellers in Temecula. If I keep up this kind of driving, I might have to get something with an automatic too.

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  1. Hey Don,
    I know its borderline sacrilege- but when I got my Mini I got an automatic, because I knew most of my driving would be in the city. Was really sad to hear about your car – what’s the latest? Have you had any good news??

    1. I have news, but it isn’t good. The cost to replace a clutch, that I’ve been quoted, is very high. I’m still waiting to get more information and to make some calls on Monday.

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