and now, for something completely different….

So, was driving into work this morning. Went to hit the down window switch for the passenger side window. Nothing happened. I thought I hit the fog lights by mistake (I kinda do that all the time still). So I looked, made sure I was hitting the right switch, and I was. Even made sure I was pressing down. I was. Still, no movement on the window.

I continue my journey into work, trying the window every now and again. Still nothing. I figure a quick ‘reboot’ in the parking lot of my office should do the trick. I restart Roxy, still nothing.

I hit the switch, I hear a click in the door, but nothing happens. I’m guessing a bad relay or the motor already burned out. Figures it happens 4K outside of warranty too, huh?

Unless, any of you, oh the faithful readers of, have seen this before and could possibly point me the right way to a possible fix…

…and now for something completely different

Went to the Mini races today. Oh no, not MINI Cooper, mini car! Yes, that’s right, Perris Speedway’s remote control off road track.

click for gallery pics

Had nothing better to do today, so I went out and pitted for Team Ayala (not a real race team, but it sounds cool huh?). Lots of gas powered machines hauling some serious a$$ around the dirt track. All run the same stuff that top fuel dragster burn, so the air was filled with the smell of burnt nitro methane! YEAHAW!!

Anyway, it was cool and I posted a big chuck of pics in the gallery. Check ’em out!