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  1. NICE!! Love the quality of the video! May have to check viddler out to post my track videos. YouTube’s 100MB limit sucks the big one… No point in having a nice camcorder if I am forced to make my videos all pixelated. So when is the new site gonna launch?

  2. I’m putting finishing touches on it this week and getting the feed submitted to iTunes. Should be ready by Friday!


  3. Thanks! If anyone wants to watch the progress, I went ahead and opened ‘er up.

    Click here to check it out. Watch for video comments and the iTunes link very soon.

  4. The trick is to not move. This was done with it attached to my Gorilla Pod mounted on the steering wheel.

    I took another one today to use as a tester, using the gPod as a handle. Worked out pretty well. You can see that one here.

  5. Yeah, after looking at that one and seeing your reflection, it made me realize I can use a small tripod for stability, a counter-balance of sorts.

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