Another Event?

What? Are you kidding me? db attended another MINI event? 2 in the same weekend? I know, crazy as it may sound, it actually happened!

Today was Crevier MINIs Motortober Event; Running of the Bullies. It was kinda like a poker rally, with a minor twist.

First the route. By far the longest urban run I have ever been on. Leaving Crevier in Santa Ana we looped through most of Orange County, going from the mountains to the ocean and back. Close to 70 miles in total, almost entirely driven on city streets and highways. It was actually quite fun.

There were 5 stops total, each one producing a card with a bulldog that was available for adoption instead of a playing card. Those cards were then used later as raffle tickets for some very cool swag. A navigation system, a couple of K&N Intakes, some pedal kits from MINI Mania, MINI luggage and a whole bunch of other MINI swag. Plus lunch. Great way to kill a morning. Even had a pretty good turn out too, with close to 100 MINI in attendance.



Your eyes do not deceive you. You are seeing in that photograph 2 Velvet Red MINI Coopers. Gotta love the holeys. What a great look! Of course, there are more pictures…

The Mirror shot
The ‘Mirror’ Shot

Taken on Balboa Island

There are a few more pictures you can check out on Flickr.

Next up? Yes, even MORE MINI stuff to follow. Tomorrow is the official Street Tuner Challenge Media Day and I will be there with my camera and recorder. Check back tomorrow for that.

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  1. What’s going on in the world … real world MINI pics from DB?! ;)
    Now, you’ve just got to persuade Todd to post something :)

    How long did it take to drive 70 miles in city traffic? Over here, last weeks MAMA run was over 100 miles, but mostly out-of-town back roads (although speed limits were rarely above 45)

  2. Todd? Post? Ha! That’s a good one Ian! ;)

    Start to finish it was about 4 hours. Maybe a little less, but not much. It was all the stops and 40mph speeds. Oh, and the 1 hour wait to get on the Ferry across Newport Harbor.

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