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Recently seen on Instagram. This is to serve as the update for the mileage milestone. Work performed during the 1,000 miles prior to hitting this mark.

  • A/C replaced.
  • New battery installed. A Napa 7547 that remarkably lasted almost 3 years. Remarkable in that the last 18 months of that was in Phoenix, the city that kills car batteries.
  • Regular service including a oil and filter change, cabin air filter and tire rotation.
  • Driver’s window regulator replaced.

I’m definitely doing my part to keep Jerry busy that’s for sure. All in an effort to keep Roxy going to at least 300,000 miles. I don’t think I’ll catch Howard in his 500,000 mile MINI, but I’d like to give it a shot!

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  1. Well done Roxy!

    Believe it or not, I’m still on my original 2006 battery, original oil pan gasket, original power steering pump and (less good) original control arm bushings. Kind of hard to believe at 85,000+ miles that the bushings are all I seem to need right now.

    1. Everything on my MINI, living in the less extreme climes of Southern California, lasted until quite a bit past 100k!

  2. Wow! My ’07 has only 34k miles and has had tons or work. Latest is that plastic guides for timing chain “failed” and could have resulted in massive engine damage. I will have to pay 2000 to fix! Car was in shop first week of ownership, tons of other serious problems. Spends most of life at dealership. :(

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