Every Little Bit

Last tank was +2 MPG **after** installing the K&N filter. Considering the average temps (105+), this is huge. Went from 27 MPG to 29. At this rate, the air filter will pay for itself before the end of the year. It is the little things. Besides improved MPG, there is now a little bit of […]

Making Better Air

Mod Log: 68,000. The first “performance” mod on Bruce has been completed. I put performance in quotes because it wasn’t _really_ a mod, more like an upgrade. Not knowing the history of the car, I have finally gotten around to replacing the air filter, but instead of OEM, I went with the K&N drop in […]

Errors and Toys

[As previously mentioned](http://dbmini.us/r50-vs-r56-bruce-takes-las-vegas/), Bruce has taken to showing me the CEL just like Roxy did. As you can see above, that is the error code I am currently getting. A search on the internet tells me this could be something simple like making sure the car has oil (it does) or something bad like OMGWTFBBQWEAREALLGONNADIE. […]