Awaiting Transport?

I log into the OL this morning to see the status updated to awaiting transport!

Figure I might as well make it all the way official (eventhough I still haven’t heard back from the bank).

Ladies and Gentlemen…


Click the image for full specs, or you can read them here after the jump! WEEEEEEEE

You have no doubt noticed the color. For those of you that are long time readers of dbmini this isn’t news, but you n00bs might not know that my first MINI was a BRG/W MCS with Sport and Premium packages. It’s a long story why I don’t have that car anymore that you can read by going back to Feb ’02 in the archives.

Other than the color, here are the rest of the specs.

  • Sport Package
  • Cold Weather Package. Y’all realize I really only get this for the heated mirrors, right? I wish that was a standalone option
  • Sports Suspension
  • Limited Slip Differential
  • Rear Fogs. Really, for the full bank of toggles
  • MFSW. Yes, I checked. Both boxes were checked ;)
  • Checkerboard cloth seats
  • Piano Black Dash

I know, pretty spartan, especially when compared to Roxy who has all of the packages and leather. I blew the budget on performance this time and figure anything I wanted to add (mostly interior bits, like a JCW steering wheel) I can do later and save the money on the car now.

Still looking for crossed fingers until I hear back from the bank. Hoping that to be this week or early next.

That part notwithstanding, how cool would it be if I were to actually get this car before AMVIV? Man, that would be awesome. Yet something else to keep my fingers crossed for!

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  1. Amazing machine. I’m excited for you Bro.

    Why did you opt to delete the hood stripes, since they were free anyway?

  2. I don’t like the factory stripes. I’ve seen them installed and they suck.

    If I do decide to get stripes, it will be an excuse for a road trip! I’ll drive out to KC and have Todd hook me up.

  3. >That’s a nice-lookin’ vehicle you’ve got there!

    Why thank you sir. Fine taste in vehicle colors you have as well!

  4. Unnamed at this point. Might just give it the #3 moniker for the time being, unless something else better comes along.

    Or, I could go with the pretentious Roxy III.

    I’ll wait until it gets here.

  5. DB, are you sure the cold package actually includes heated mirrors now? When I checked the R56 specs a while back, it wasn’t listed!

    You need to move to the other coast – it’d arrive that much sooner :)

  6. Welcome to the BRG club. :-)

    So when you get it you’ll need to let us all know if it’s flat or metallic. :-P

  7. >DB, are you sure the cold package actually includes heated mirrors now? When I checked the R56 specs a while back, it wasn’t listed!

    According to this they are

  8. Great specs db- looking forward to seeing more pictures! They built that thing fast, didn’t they??!!

    Congrats- it’s finally your turn to brag a little at the whiteroof ;-).

  9. I really like the way you optioned it out for balls to the wall performance and didn’t throw money away on
    a ton of options that are unnecessary. I think there is a lot of wisdom to the way you went about this. Enjoy.

  10. Great looking car! You’re gonna LOVE it. Tell Todd he can sod off… bad mouthing your new baby… he’s just jealous! You know you want one, Todd! ;)

  11. Slowly, VERY slowly the R56 is growing on me. I still have problems with some design features but hey, different strokes. :)

    I do think you should add the JCW aero kit after seeing it in person this week.

  12. Heya DB

    I’ve just put in an offer to purchase on a lightly used R53 – same as Gabe’s car minus the exterior chrome and OZ’s, plus cordoba beige interior.

    I am also waiting to hear from the bank!

    I’ve promised myself that I will stop smoking when I get the car.

    Let us know when you get your finance approved!

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