Bad Drivers

I know I have posted about this before, but since the eclipse last week and everyone going back to school and work this week, it has gotten completely out of control!

I’m not talking only about you that get on the highway at 10-15MPH slower than the posted speed. No! There are many, many more.

I drive a lot. You all know that. Almost 600 miles since my last post in fact. During my travels I get the opportunity to see all of the crappy drivers SoCal can throw at me! For example, and these are only from today!
(oh, yes, much rant-y goodness after the jump. You could say I went a little long)

  • People that drive automatics that take off from a stop sign or light by only removing their foot from the brake, then accelerate after their idle speed hits about 7mph.

In the 12 miles it takes me to get to the freeway, this happened no less than 4 times. I’m not trying to win any races folks, but I can’t coast to a start, ya know?

  • 2 women. 1 driving a beater 3 series convertible with rusted rear window. The other driving a Suburban. The cat fight that ensued WHILE MOVING AT 30 MPH backed up traffic for about mile.

Pay attention! You were in the wrong lane because you didn’t see the 5 signs that were above the roadway for the preceeding 3 miles! WTF?

  • The man in the Rav4 that decided it would be ok to move from his lane while he was driving 45MPH into my lane where I was driving 70MPH.

Hello? I have the right-of-way here. You are supposed to speed up to get into my lane, I DO NOT have to slow down to let you in.

  • The man in the Toyota Corolla that could not stay in his lane. Or mine. Or on the shoulder. For about 3 miles.

Isn’t 10AM a little early to be drinking? I didn’t see a cell phone on your head, so you must have been drunk. Stay at the bar next time.

  • The Land Rover driving in Newport Beach with the left turn signal on. In the fast lane. With a concrete barrier.

Hey man, I know it’s a Land Rover, but I’m gonna bet that if you turn into that big chunk of k-rail you’ll end up shiny side down right quick. PAY ATTENTION!

And, finally

  • The old Toyota Pickup driving, at night, in the middle lane of a 3 lane freeway at 45MPH.

When people honk, that’s a great indication that you are doing something wrong. It’s a wonder the rear end of your car isn’t already the front end of someone elses driving that like. At least your lights work, amazingly enough.

Of course this doesn’t count the cars that choose to enter a highway with a 65 or 70 MPH speed limit at 50MPH. With a down hill on ramp. That’s more than 1/2 mile long. The Chevy Sprint (complete with 3 cylinder motor) could pull this one off WITH THE A/C running. No reason why you can’t swing it in your Explorer.

I realize that driving can be a confusing exercise for you. A foot on the gas, a foot on the brake, Starbucks in one hand and trying to talk on your cell phone. You can’t be bothered to pay attention to what is going on around you, let alone drive.

Really, you people need to either start staying home or taking public transportation. You are going to hurt me or one of my friends.

Then I’m really going to be mad!

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  1. Think of the Toyota emblem as a big flashing warning sign. Really, watch how almost all toyota drivers are guilty of rubbernecking the fast line, weaving between lanes, NEVER signaling, driving a good 20mph under the limit, and just being generally on Pluto. It is UNSAFE to make a car that is so boring to drive, the drivers check their brains in the glovebox. Play the Toyota Moron game the next time you go for a long drive!

  2. That is fantastic! I never thought of that. I am so playing the Toyota Moron game. I think today would be a great time to start!

  3. Yep – it’s true! Pay special attention to this in Toyota Avalons…as you pass them, since they tend to drive about 15 MPH below the speed limit. ;-)


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