Big MINI day

Holy crap! Where have all of you people been hiding?

On Ortega Hwy this morning, I saw you, EB/EB MCS with a clear road in front of you. Hope you had a good time!

Down near I5, there was a LY MC and a CR MC.

At lunch, there was the BRG MCS at the CostCo parking lot in Fountain Valley.

Driving around, there was another CR MC, PS MCS and Black MC.

Finally, there was the SG (yes, Silk Green!) on Birch @ Von Karmon in Irvine.

Saw some today that aren’t normally seen either…Black Rolls Royce with Paper plates and the Bright Red Ferrari on Ortega Hwy (with open road no less).

Good car day I’d have to say. Bonus that the cute girl in the SG actually looked back and smiled. Yea, I know, I’m easy like that :D