brakes, part XXXVII

or so it would seem.

After installing the EBC Greenstuff pads without turning the very well grooved rotors my results have been less than favorable. Stopping power is very poor and there is a VERY loud metal to metal squeak. This is by no means the fault of the pads, but more my fault for not turning the rotors. So, I went ahead and order a set of PowerSlot rotors for the front that should be delivered today and I will install them tonight.

About turning (or resurfacing) your rotors from this article

In many instances, resurfacing the rotors and drums is a good idea to restore a smooth, flat friction surface for the new linings.

My rotors, as I would have expected, were fairly well grooved, which is not a flat, smooth surface. There is also a fairly good chance that I’ve got a bit of warping too caused by heat from track days, canyon runs and idiots on Ortega Hwy.

More after I get the rotors installed. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m not expecting the install to cause any problems.