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You might remember I built out a few MINIs back in February with the following spec.

  • Lightning Blue (R56: White Roof, R55: Silver Roof and C pillars)
  • White turn signals
  • Sport and Cold Weather Packs
  • MC and Clubman – Xenons, front & rear fogs, rear spoiler
  • MCS and Clubman S – Rear fogs, Limited Slip
  • Pacific Blue leather/cloth, trimline with Piano black surfaces
  • Auto A/C
  • MFSW

I decided to do this again but with the JCW MINIs. Here is what I came up, using the same spec as listed above, followed by some notes.

JCW MINI Cooper S: $33,150

JCW MINI Cooper Clubman S: $35,900


  • Through the configurator, you really only get 1 choice of wheel for the Clubman, 2 for the hardtop. I’m not counting the JCW Wheel options.
  • Pacific blue leather/cloth is not available on the Clubman. Might be an over sight, but it’s not there. The Clubman was configured with Punch Leather.
  • No sport package is available. You have to add the sport suspension and Xenon’s as stand alone options

For the MCS, the JCW car will cost almost $6,000 more than the non-JCW version, almost $9,000 for the Clubman.

I guess you really have to want it. It might be me, but that kind of money for 36hp, brakes, electronic traction control and some badges seems a bit steep.

It’s a brilliant car to be sure. I don’t think I could justify almost $40K (after taxes and license fees) on a MINI.

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  1. I have bought 4 BMW Minis to date one used 2002 Cooper for 19k, a new 2004 Cooper for 22k, a 2006 Cooper S for 32k, and finally a GP for 30k. I was going to buy a JCW Mini until more information started coming out about it. To me a price of a car is not something that I stress to much about. My issue with the car is the piecemeal way they handle it, while I know this allows more owners it really lacks definition what this car is. This is going to be a muddy as somebody saying they have a 2006 Mini as a example. Is it a track day warrior, a creature comfort auto or what.

    I do believe this new car is going to be great but will never own one. For the money that I have to invest to make the car what I want I am left with the feeling I have just another “kitted” Mini.

    Sharp looking creation btw DB

  2. I was happy to pay $31K (the most for any MINI) for GPMINI because it was so unique in just about every way.
    The problem with these $$$$ JCW MINIs is they’re not special, except for engine power – people that want power have so many other car choices in the above price range.

  3. Ian makes a great point, there are many options out there for power hungry folks. Buying the JCW just for the extra HP seems like reaching. However it is a little unique in that few will pay that much for it.
    I payed a little over 28K for my 07 MCS with just about everything I wanted. I spec’d the JCW Clubman at 10K higher than that. Way too much for me right now. I went for Chocolate with Black with many many extras.

  4. I guess I’m one of the crazy ones that will pay almost anything to have the fastest factory MINI.

    I will have me the JCW Clubman – since there is no dealer install kit.

    Count yourselves lucky – we’re only getting 3 colours for the JCW – Astro Black, Dark Silver and Chilli Red. We’re also only getting the JCW Clubman in March 2009.

  5. Very cool Timmee!

    No doubts it will be a cool little car that you will enjoy. However this may be sacrilege to many S, JCW, and GP owners. The entire brand is very similar performance cars,some may have a tiny bit more pull, some may brake a little bit better while others may turn in crisper. The fact is while this may very well be the fastest in the brand (other than the JCW coupe)the performance gains will be very slight. Though the Mini site stats are commonly conservative a standard Mini S hits 60 in 6.7 while a JCW mini hits it in 6.2 and the rest of the cars (not Coopers) fall in between this area.

    To me the price isn’t the base issue, its that Mini is selling a performance car with what I already consider to be a sub-standard suspension. While a large number of Mini drivers may be happy with the incredibly soft standard suspension I personally think adding performance to a car while not addressing the suspension is silly.

  6. I want to see what they’re like in real life driving conditions, then I’ll decide if the JCW is worth it or not.

    For me, now, my GP #1636 is a wonderful thing!

  7. Agreed on both points pbraun (although 0509 here)


    DB have you see this color combo in person? Have only seen a few Clubmans so far and each has had black roofs. Thats a lot of silver, wonder how it will look in person.

  8. The laser blue/Silver? I have, as well as Hot chocolate/black, nightfire red/black and pure silver/silver.

    The LB/S is my favorite so far, but boy that Hot Chocolate car looks sharp.

  9. The MINI Cooper Clubman donated to MINIsOnTop by Herb Chambers MINI was blue / silver – it looked surprisingly ok in person (though a red / black is still my preference!)

  10. I admit the brown Mini scares me. Think it would get old on me quick, one of those purchases I have made that I only can ask myself one question about. “why did I choose that” heh.

  11. A couple of years ago I would have agreed with most folks here in that you could mod a regular R56/55 to get more power than a JCW for less cost… but now I’m of a mind to pay more up front for the power that I want and not worry about engine/power mods down the line.

  12. I’ve already decided that my next MINI won’t have any aftermarket mods. It might not have any mods at all.

    As much as I wouldn’t pay the money for this car, I definitely see the attraction. Drive home from the dealer and it’s already ready already.

  13. Well, I’m too honest with myself to say that my next car won’t have any mods… I’m just trying to limit them to appearance/you-ification mods instead of performance ones (except springs perhaps). Over the course of 3 cars I’ve found that most mods tend to be more expensive over the long run and once that car’s gone… so is all that $$$ you put into mods (and let’s face it, it’s rare that you can actually make any $$ by selling your mods off).

  14. I am one of those who waited nearly a lifetime to own a “fast” fun car. I bought the 08 MINI Convertible JCW white silver with black lounge leather and grey piping. What a hoot! This car is quick, responsive and follows road commands like a champ. Ok, it was pricey but damn worth every cent.

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