Cars I have driven

I’m not really sure why but lately, I have spent some time assembling a list of the cars I have driven over the years. Before I forget it like I forget what I had for lunch, I figured I’d better jot it down.

  1. 1965 Chevrolet El Camino
  2. Man, what a sweet ride. Worked for 2 years to save up enough to buy my first car, and this is what Dad found. Spent every last dollar I had on paint, interior mods and a new stereo (hey, I don’t have anything against 8-track). When I was done she was sweet. Complete with 327 under the hood, she was a runnner too. Now, there is a signal in North County San Diego because of me. Man, I miss this car.

  3. 1967 Austin Healy Sprite
  4. Red with scratched paint. Removeable top. Electronics by the Prince of Darkness. But man, nothing better to cruise San Diego in as a young man. Made all the headaches and wasted cash almost worth it.

  5. 1962 Chevy II
  6. Don’t worry, nobody else knows what it is either. Until I call it a Nova. But it wasn’t a Nova, it was a Chevy II. 235CI straight-six, turbo-glide tranny. After the suspension and brake rebuild, it was like driving a Caddy. #19648 off the line too. Another to add to the list of cars I miss.

  7. 1985 Chevy Sprint
  8. Hey, a fella has to get around, right? Actually, for a 3 banger, she went pretty well. And, as advertised, 50 MPG. Fantastic. Until I blew a head gasket. Oops.

  9. 1984 Chevy S-10
  10. By far the most reliable vehicle I ever owned. Bought it from Dad after he refreshed it (it was a cable company fleet truck) and I drove it for 7 years and only had to replace the power steering pump! Would have driven it longer if it would have had A/C. 2.3 V6, 4 speed, long bed and 17″ steel wheels (with Moon hubcaps, ‘natch) made it great to drive and very practical. I’d still have this truck today if it weren’t for the lack of A/C

  11. 1982 Toyota Tercel
  12. Um. Hmmmm. How did that get in there? Oh yea, I went through an experimental phase while living in Northern California. Owned this as the same time as the S-10.

  13. 1978 BMW 7 Series
  14. I don’t remember the exact model, but I do remember the windows didn’t roll up or down, the A/C didn’t work and the tires were shot. That, and it took me about 4 days to get it clean. But boy that car went like a raped ape.

  15. 1995 GMC Sonoma
  16. GMC version of the S-10. Capable little guy in bright red with spiffy wheels. It was a great truck until it self-destructed at 150K miles (and I still had a year of payments…ugh).

  17. 1999 Mitsubishi Mirage
  18. AKA The Rat Mobile. Again, not a bad little car. Very rent-a-car on the interior and handled poor, but it was comfortable, economical and got me around pretty well. Drove it for 100K miles until something happened to it. No, I’m not going into any details.

  19. 1985 Fiat Spider
  20. Bought as a favor for a friend that was moving out of state. What a pile of crap. Worst car I have ever owned. I was actually relieved that the engine seized.

  21. 1982 Toyota Corolla Wagon
  22. AKA The shitty brown wagon. In fact, I attended my very first SCMM meet in the car. I didn’t drive it on the run, but it was in the lot with the rest of the MINIs. Great little wagon too. Too bad ABS didn’t exist when it was built.

  23. 2003 BRG/W MCS
  24. Well, you know about that already. If not, it’s time you cruised back through the archives.

All the way until now. 2003 VR/W MC (all packages and leather) with 167K miles on the clock and still running like she did when new.

Man, that’s a lot of cars. Feel free to list any below.

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  1. I wonder if I can even remember …
    1977 Ford Granada (see here) – I loved it, but it’s engine and transmission died; my Dad forced me to sell it after the rebuilds!
    ?1983? Fiat Uno (didn’t like it much)
    1987 Mini (bought brand new – but no good for long drives)
    ?1988? Rover 820 company car
    1985 Ford Granada – wonderful till it got stolen (see here) so I replaced it with …
    1988 Ford Granada! Sold this when I moved to USA.

    In USA:
    1995 Ford Contour (very underpowered!)
    1998 Chrysler Town & Country (I liked this one)
    2002 Lexus RX-300 (dull)
    After a few months in the Lexus, it happened …
    2002 MINI Cooper
    2003 MINI Cooper S
    2005 MINI Cooper S
    2006 MINI Cooper S JCW GP

    Before MINI, I just wanted a comfortable, practical car … the two hatchback Ford Granadas were my favourite, with the T&C close behind (way too big for 2 people, but ultra comfortable).
    Since MINI, comfort has been traded in, for looks and the fun of the community :)

  2. 1973 Renault 4L – my first car. 845cc engine. Was Renault’s answer to the Beetle and 2CV. Loved that car.

    1988 Nissan Exa 1500. Had aircon and pop-up lights. Got totalled by being driven into side-on.

    1995 Mazda 323 1.3. Nasty but rock solid and reliable.

    1996 VW Polo 1.6. My first VW. Great car.

    2000 VW New Beetle 2.0 Auto. My first “retro” car. Auto was very lazy and handling crap.

    2002 VW CitiGolf 1.3. This is a Golf I! Still produced locally and immensely popular. No airbags. Extremely poor finishes. Had a carburettor issue that never got resolved. Not recommended.

    2003 Renault Clio II 1.2. The best small car I have ever driven in it’s sector. Fair performance, excellent economy, all the mod-cons and NCAP 5 star rating. I miss this one.

    2004 MCS. Hyperblue with white roof. Cloth leather seats don’t work with messy kids and dogs. Low speed side on collision. Was repaired but never the same.

    2006 Audi A4 Avant 3.2FSI. 188kW! Very fast once you slipped the CVT auto into sport mode. The most luxurious and well finished vehicle I ever owned. Also the largest and thirstiest.

    2005 MCS. Jet Black. Cordoba Beige Interior. Red Mirror Caps. Adorned with WRR, MF and MINI United stickers. My current favourite (the balance might shift once I have a GP and an R56 JCW and a Cooper Clubman).

  3. These are always fun to read;
    Cars I’ve owned
    1967 Chevy II station wagon – inline 6 w/ three on the tree – sold

    1958 Austin Healey Sprite – most fun of all (until the last) – sold

    1978 Toyota Corolla Hatchback – first brand new car – killed it

    1986 Nissan Sentra – had to get this after totaling the corolla and two kids with another on the way – died

    1977 (?) Toyota Corolla – second car for my wife, piece of crap that should’ve been junked – sold

    1989 Mazda 626 – just for my wife until she got … killed

    2000 Mazda 626 – just for my wife, she still drives it (less that 50,000 miles)

    1996 Saturn SC2 – mostly for my middle daughter but I drove it after 86 sentra died, the 89 mazda she totaled and her DUI, eventually we gave it to her after she graduated college

    1996 Nissan Sentra – mostly for my youngest daughter until she totaled it and got the … killed

    2001 Mazda Protégé – youngest daughters’ car, although I drove it for awhile waiting for my …

    2007 MINI Cooper S

  4. 1952 Chevy Pickup: three-speed

    1958 Chevy Nomad Station Wagon: my first accident was in this ride- on Beach Blvd in Huntington Beach, CA.

    1963 Impala: Low ‘N Slow

    1967 Impala: fugly tank

    1972 Ford Pinto: would you believe a friend and I rebuilt it with a racing camshaft and a sportier suspension!

    1978 Ford Econoline van: another gas-guzzler

    1982 Toyota Corolla S5 hatchback: drove it to hell

    1992 Ford Explorer: drove it to Chicago and back

    2003 MINI Cooper: driven it to Chicago, hell, and everywhere in between!

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