Changes to delivery day

Not really sure, but this could be close. delivery to port Hueneme has changed from 12/15 to 12/17. that makes only 8 days from port to dealer, and while that is, at most, a 7 hour drive, i have a funny feeling that it will probably take longer than that. but, i am still hopeful for a pre-xmas delivery.

in other news, some folks are going to do a scenic run in san diego on december 7th. I was really hoping that Roxy would have come in sooner, but she isn’t. I’m thinkin about tagging along in the rat mobile, just hanging out way in the back. at least I’d get a chance to meet some of my neighborhood miniacs!

I also think that I have found a host, for now. cheap, lots of disk space and traffice with cf support. watch soon…