‘Twas the Sunday before AMVIV X and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except for me writing this blog post about a few things.

Wait. That didn’t quite work. No matter.

AMVIV is this week. Roxy and I will be heading to Vegas on Thursday with a few other Arizona MINI peeps. Fluids are checked and full, tire pressure is good and she will be getting a bath on Wednesday. I also had a few other things checked out and changed that I wanted to share.

First thing is an attempt to make Roxy run better with the air conditioning running, especially when coming to a stop or when driving in traffic. She has had the tendancy to shudder, shake and almost stall when the air is running and she comes to a stop (engine has no load). I’ve cleaned the throttle body but it doesn’t help quite enough. What I’m hoping does help is the boost in idle speed, from 750RPM (stock) to 950RPM. So far, it does seem to be helping, but it’s only been a day and temps aren’t over 100 yet. I will report back.

While Jerry was doing that, he also cleared some of the older fault codes that were left over from a long time ago and found a few new ones that I need to address pretty quick regarding the airbag light. According to Jerry, it would seem that the drivers side airbag is throwing a fault, as are both front seat tensioners (where the buckle goes). This is not really great news since the only fix, really, is to replace the seats. It’s definitely not in the budget right now, but it has been moved to the top of the list. Luckily, seats are easy to find on eBay and other places.

For AMVIV this year, I’m also trying something new. I was asked to provide photographer duties during the pool party on Saturday night in the shape of a photo booth/creative portraits. I’m pretty excited about it, but that’s because I’m a nerd like that. Something that I am also doing for AMVIV this year is offering my photo services to MINI owners that would like to have nice photographs of their MINI. If you are going and would like to have me snaps some shots, you can get pricing (it’s pretty cheap) at whiteroofphoto.com. You can also follow along at Facebook to see the shots that happen at the pool party!

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