Dyno Day

Had some time on a Dyno today. I was truly surprised!

First of all the MCS’s went. Wheel horesepower averaged out at about 165 for most of the members. The biggest improvement in HP numbers were all from having an aftermarket intake.

Next were myself and Mikey. They were remarkably close considering he has done quite a few more mods than I have. My results:
Best run HP 106.5 with 101.2 ft/lbs torque.

HP@ 107.1 (I don’t remember the torque numbers).

Something else that I thought was interesting is that as far as sound goes, the MC’s were WAY louder than the MCS’s, even on those that had the intake done.

next up was Tracy in her brand new JCW MCS with K&N Typhoon Intake. HP at the wheels? 175! The JCW with the intake does seem to make a HUGE difference.

And, for the last run of the day, Peter from M7 got 3 passes too. His best? 183! Yea, that’s a fast MINI!

AFter dyno runs we all went down to go-cart world in Long Beach for some good clean go carting fun.

Pics from today’s events forthcoming