El Camino Fans Unite!

Thanks to everyone for bringing this to my attention.


Not only is there a new ElCo in the works, but it going to be shown at the New York Auto Show, and Jalopnik, a fine bunch of El Camino loving lads as well, are keeping close tabs on it. Heck, they even have video! Click the image for all of their posts.

I am a fan, but I wish it looked more El Camino, less Grand Prix. Maybe if they could come up with a way to modernize this.


Oh baby. You gotta love a ’64. Or, you know, maybe a very early ’65 that had a ’64 front end and the improved ’65 rear. With a 327 under the hood, painted Cadillac Metalic Grey with grey velour tuck and roll on the bench seat.

Yea, I’d buy that car for sure!

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  1. Why the hell do we, Yanks, keep going backward? Gad will the Pacer fishbowl be next? And we wonder why the world doesn’t buy our cars. LOL

  2. Looks like a rebadged Holden ute (as a pickup is commonly known in Australia and New Zealand). I guess this is further evidence of the globalisation of the lineup of GM cars sold in the US.

  3. >And we wonder why the world doesn’t buy our cars. LOL

    They do buy our cars, it’s just that US auto makers make them **cool** for other markets.

  4. DB — buy the Pontiac & use your world wide MINI contacts over in Australia to fed ex the front clip from the Holden.

  5. At least GM has wised up and begin to import their “better” products from their German (Opel) and Australian (Holden) division. Most everything Saturn sells now are rebadged Opels and the Pontiac G8 sedan & El camino are 100% Aussie made.

    Too bad Ford USA doesn’t get it. Their best products are made and sold overseas but they insist in selling us SUVs, overcooked (and ugly) Ford Focuses and hum-drum Tauruses.

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