Filthy with MINIs

No kidding. In the last few days I’ve seen at least 20 MINIs! Saw a few HB/W, a couple of PS/B, a DS/W and /B and even a VR/B!

Plus, drove next to Miles for about a block and half today. Oddly enough (or not) he was one of 2 that waved.

The non-wavers are really starting to get annoying. I mean, even the girl driving the VR/B didn’t wave. C’mon! We have the same color, you could have at least looked. Or smiled. Or flipped me off. Whatever, just an acknowledgement would have been nice, ya know?

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  1. “unfortunately” they don’t check your enthusiasm before they sell you a MINI. Its still fun to spot MINIs and throw a wave. and even better when the gesture is returned.

  2. Man, don’t even get me started. Sometimes I just want to put “For Sale” signs on cars of the non-wavers. I see about 2-3 MINI a week where I live, so sometimes it’s weeks between waves. I mean, seriously, just the ol’ fingers-off-the-steering-wheel would be good enough for me.

  3. It was a hodgepodge of greeters and non-wavers for me this weekend. Some kid in a PW/B MC on the 605 shined me on. I was behind an Electric Blue that just happened to be getting onto the 22 eastbound when I was. He saw me wave in his rear view and acknowledged. Later, another PW, this one a new S with paper plates from LB MINI waved at me while also eastbound on the 22. Coming home on the 405 I saw quite a few but they seemed to be unfamiliar with their MINI’s velocity capabilities. 8-)

  4. Over here in Greece you wouldn’t be caught dead waving at someone you didn’t know-so I usually give a nod and smile to the other MINI drivers or flash the lights!

  5. Waving was never a question when I had my classic Mini. But ever since I have had my new MINI wavers are few and far between. Maybe they associate too much with the BMW marque? WAVE FOR GOD’s SAKE, IT WON’T KILL YOU!

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