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I’ve been fairly busy over the last few days (including trying to decide if I want to drive 1K miles to Arizona and back next week) and the site is a disaster of sorts. While I get things back to normal (and make dbmini stop looking like this), here is a nugget from the archives you might enjoy.

For those of you wondering how I was able to break the 100K barrier before Roxy turned 3 (coming soon!) I’ll give you a sample of some of the driving I actually do.

Last week for example I had to drive out to the middle of the Nevada desert to do some work
1 way = 254 miles

When I came home, I had to go to my office before going home.
1 way = 265 miles

I then drove home from the office
1 way = 55 miles

The next day, I drove out to Bellflower.
1 way = 62 miles

Add 1 round trip to the office on Monday and it looks like this:
55+55+254+265+55+124 = 808 miles.

I probably do this at least once a quarter, sometimes twice. Normally it’s just the office round trip of 110 miles which is no big deal (at least it isn’t to me). Wait until later this month when I head back out to the desert to do more work and attend AMVIV!

If things go as they should, I expect to be beyond 115K miles before Roxy turns 3 on 03-09.

Only 115K miles? Man, Roxy was just a pup!

If you are looking for more, might I recommend December, 2006. Good stuff abounds!

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