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Back in the driveway

The MINI is once again back in my driveway. Time to lay down the PSA to those of you with high mileage MINIs.

So it’s know, the original quote for this from Crevier MINI was $2600. It’s not what I paid, but that’s the quote. This includes:

  • Clutch parts
  • Flywheel
  • Brake Cleaner and Fluid
  • Transmission Fluid
  • 10-15 hour of labor

Huge props to Crevier for not only doing a top notch job, but also for doing only the work that I requested and not pressuring me to have other services done. Also, for not charging me full price. Besides not charging me full price, I also saved on having to rent a car because Crevier offers **their customers** free loaner cars. Finally, another $15 saved on a car wash. All together, my total savings were close to $1,000 (if I would have rented a car) which is substantial.

I did think about having the work done at an independant shop, but decided against it at the last minute for no other reason than I believe the reason that my MINI has 214,303 miles on it now is that the bulk of the service and repairs have been completed by the dealer. That being said, for the bulk of the remaining repairs I probably won’t be going back to the dealer for no other reason that an hour of shop time costs $160.00.

So, if you are getting up in miles, time to start saving up.

Keep this in mind also. If, for any reason, warranty repairs necessitate the removal of your transmission, have them replace the clutch! You’ll be able to go a bit longer and get new parts for only the cost of parts. That’s what I did at 49k miles when my transmission was replaced and it’s why I’ve been able to drive to over 200k miles on my current unit.

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  1. DB,

    Glad you got her back. Things will get better. They have to. I have been unemployed since December and my bank account is lower than it has been in a long time.

    I am now Mr. Mom to my 12yo daughter and my wife, the stay at home Mom, is now working at Walmart. Whacky.

    Motor on,


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