Gas today

I have to buy gas today. Not really looking forward to it since I will be paying no less than $3.41 for each gallon.

It’s the Truffle oil and saffron they put in it. You know, the ‘special’ California blend.

That is all.

6 replies on “Gas today”

  1. Premium’s been hovering at $3.11(9) at the Shell near my office for the last week. It sucks, to be sure, but I’m sooooo glad I’m no longer driving my F-150! :-)

  2. I actually paid $3.519 for a gallon of the good stuff today.

    $20 bucks barely got me 5 gallons.

    Gonna be a long summer.

  3. yikes! I paid 3.139 a week ago, same garage today is 3.459 – how the heck can it go up so fast? The only comfort I get from putting $45 of gas in my car is looking around and knowing everyone on the forecourt with me is putting in more.

  4. I’m still at 3/4 tank after paying $35 to fill up this past Saturday down in North OC.
    I wonder how it’ll be this weekend sonce I’ll be going up north to Sausalito.

  5. Over here in Greece the prices have just shot up again, we are paying 1.10 euros a liter, that’s about $6.00 a gallon. Can’t afford to drive to far…

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