Get it right the first time

This is something I am becoming increasingly tired of. People that do things half-assed, especially when it comes to auto repair. I’m sure I’m not the only one either.

A refresher.

  • Clutch goes out. Take it in for replacement
  • After 3 days, have to take it back. Transmission not properly installed
  • Pick up my car from Crevier MINI and it’s leaking coolant from the heater hoses (a problem that did not exist prior to me dropping it off for the 2nd time).
  • Have heater hoses replaced at a local shop. No issue this time
  • Have axel rebuilt and reinstalled. 2 days later there is a grinding sound in the morning when cold, and a high pitched sound after that. Take it back to the guy that did the repair, couldn’t replicate the problem

It’s not just the work done by the dealer. It’s local mechanics too. And other things that I’m seeing on a daily basis. It’s an influx of shoddy, overpriced work and frankly I’m getting pretty tired of it.

Isn’t there anyone out there that knows how to do something right the first time?

I’m now going to take my chances with yet another MINI dealer in hopes that I can get some issues corrected the first time. But, if I’m honest, I really don’t expect anything less than more over-priced, shoddy work.

Maybe it is time to switch. Hell, my MINI is practically falling apart and for the cost of repairs I would have a nice down payment on a crappy Japanese econobox.

More as it becomes available. In the meantime, go check out the Countryman photos. I really like it!

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  1. Good luck …
    Audi had my Q5 for two weeks, and didn’t fix the “cold start” issue it has. But seeing as the dealership also didn’t communicate, I haven’t been back there.

  2. Good Luck with MINI Of Ontario and let us know if they are any better. Since Assael was bought out and became MINI Of Monrovia I’ve had very good luck. I know it’s too far for you to go but Jim or John, the service managers, are great guys and conscience.

    My experiences with the modern day mechanics… some good, some bad and some are just parts changers. If a machine can’t tell them what’s wrong they haven’t a clue as to what to do and just change everything until something works and charge you for their incompetence.

    My brother-n-law is a master Ford mechanic, Ford makes the in-house mechanic bid any work that comes in. He’s seeing the interns are getting more of the work now, they’re cheaper, but most of it comes back and then the poor owner gets to pay twice. He calls these guys PARTS CHANGERS not mechanics.

    1. Thanks Rob!

      I know about the part changers. Most of the MINI dealers work on that concept. After talking with some of the independant mechanics (Chad, Way, Hubie), I wish any of those guys were closer to me, especially Chad. That boy is not afraid of a junk yard, and I think that’s a good quality in a mechanic.

      And thanks for the reminder about the hats. They have been removed.

  3. To dbwilldo,

    I apologize that you are having these issues with our service. If you would like to bring your Mini back in I will have our shop foreman look at it. Since you stated the grinding noise is at a cold start it will need to stay overnight but we have plenty of Bmw and Mini loaner cars available. Please give me a call when you get a chance. I am here from 7-6 M-F.

    Thank you,

    Jackie Deemer
    Customer Service Manager
    714 835-1221 ex:2267

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