Got a heads up

Thanx Meenee.Coopah for the heads up about NOT using AmeriCredit! I’m still trying to figure out an alternate means to get my MINI…hopefully I’ll be able to add to my down payment, which should help. I’ve got some other things going right now as well, so that might help. I’ll be more specific, but if I told you, then I’d have to kill you. Trust me when I say that I don’t want to kill you, and you don’t want to be dead!

Short day tomorrow. Gonna do the XMAS thing with Mom & Dad before they go and ‘hide’ for Christmas. Their new thing now is to load up the 5th wheel and park it at Laughlin for a few days. Turns out that they park they stay at is practically booked solid for Christmas! All of those parents/grandparents hiding out. Sounds like my idea of Christmas…where do I sign up! LOL

more later