Have you seen this?

Use your color iPod (including Nano) to carry Yahoo! maps directions!

Yahoo Maps and the popular iPod Photo portable MP3 player are used together to bring you an exciting online service called iPod-iWay. What is iPod-iWay? iPod-iWay is a powerful step-by-step directions saving tool that will export online driving directions from results by Yahoo Maps and import them into your iPod Photo. It’s an easy solution for getting Yahoo Map directions saved and displayed onto any iPod Photo or Nano, and without the need of additional software!

Looks like you enter your starting point and destination. Verify that it is correct on the Yahoo maps main page. The you download a zip file that contains all of the images to rebuild the maps and directions on your iPod. Very very handy little service.

Ok, now I need an iPod!

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3 replies on “Have you seen this?”

  1. You could go the iPod route, or you could go the GPS route. :-) I just bought a Garmin 2610 and broke it in on a trip to Chicago. Aside from losing satellite reception when on the lower level of Wacker Drive, it worked very well and will re-route you when you take a wrong turn. Great fun.

  2. I haven’t, but why do I want a video iPod? What could I possibly want to watch on a 2.5″ screen? I also am pretty sure that there is no way I’ll be paying $2 for a music video or episode of a tv show.

    I’ll take a Nano to be sure. Then I could use this nifty web-ap. But gonna have to pass on the v-iPod

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