Have you?

Earlier this week I went ahead and booked my rooms at Palace Station for AMVIV ’09. Have you? I wouldn’t wait too long if you want to save some serious cash!

>I know it’s early, but we have signed a contract with Palace Station already, so here is the information on how to book your room. In response to the steep price jump in room rates for AMVIV5, we have negotiated and sliding rate for AMVIV6. The early birds save $20 a night! If you book your room by January 25th, you pay $79 for courtyard rooms and $119 for Tower rooms, which is $10 per night less than in 2008. After January 25th, the rate goes up to $99 and $139. So make sure you book early!

And mark those calendars gang. March 26-29.

Oh yea, don’t forget about MINI United either. We’ll talk more later, but you might want to get started on getting your passport now! Great tips in this weeks show from Mr. Cruise Planner himself.

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