headlight replacement

You out there among us that DON’T have Xenon headlamps…did you know that nothing more than a paper clip with some clever bends in it holds your headlamp bulb in place? No screws, no washers, just a paper clip.

Somehow I thought it would be more, especially since on my first car took 4 screws just to remove the bulb.

Sorry, no how-to link. I looked and searched and gave up before it go too dark for me to see. If you know of one, please leave it in the comments.

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  1. I hope this will help someone. I just replaced the halogen headlamps on my 2000 Grand Am. You’ll do best if you purchase a Chilton’s Manual. You have to remove several of those snap-on connectors and remove the whole plastic front cover in order to find the metal ‘L shaped’ clips that hold the headlight housing; two hex bolts; and the two amber bulbs on each side. This will free up the housing so that you can remove it. I recommend that since you’re doing all this, you might as well replace both sides. God Bless your efforts.

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