Holy Crap! It’s already February?

Indeed. February 2nd if my math and calendars are correct. You might be wondering why I have posted anything since before Christmas. Most of you follow along on Facebook or on db.com already, but for those of you that don’t, here is the short version.

Summer sucked because I wasn’t working. I got a job the week of Christmas and was laid off last week. My MINI is in a very bad state of repair so I’ve been missing out on cool club stuff and overall driving enjoyment. I actually missed the SCMM Birthday Party this year (thanks lads for not giving me a hard time about it) and still have some guilt.

I’m only left to dream about what my next MINI would be, when and if I get the chance.

At the gym this morning, saw a fine specimen in the parking lot. It looked a little something like this.

That car (R56 Cooper) in that color (Oxygen Blue) would be enough to get me to drive to KC and have Todd do up some bitchen orange graphics for it.

Something we talked about on the show last week was the lack of interior choices depending on the exterior color of the car. This color suffers from that almost worse than any others. You can get leatherette, cloth or the very expensive leather that looks quite nice, but at $2k, it puts quite the dent in the budget. That’s money I’d rather spend on wheels or something, ya know.

Not saying this is the next one, but it’s a pretty close contender.

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  1. I don’t know how Todd can say on WWR that he doesn’t see anyone hurting during these times. “The economy is just not bad enough” he says. Just goes to show you how out of tough he is.

    Keep that chin up db. Based on the effort you put forward on all things MINI, I’m sure you put even more in the job hunt.
    Good luck.

  2. A lot has changed since I said that – like two months ago. I know my business has been down 30-40% in that time but I’m not going to let the economy get me down and clearly neither is Db.

    I like to say that right now 93% of people still have jobs. I think that makes me optimistic not out of touch. I feel bad bad for the 7% and I have no answers. Just a positive attitude.

  3. DB, I think Oxygen Blue makes for a fairly distinctive MINI. Not my first choice but if ever offered on the S models it would be at the top of my list.

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