How I Do It

Ever wonder how I’ve managed to put 169K+ miles on my MINI in a little over 4 years? Here is a sample of my driving from the last 7 days.

Wednesday: Work and back, 110 miles.

Thursday: Southbay MINI and back, 160 miles.

Friday: Work and back, 110 miles (bonus is the 3.5 hour commute home!)

Saturday: Running around and whatnot. Maybe 30 miles.

Sunday: Drive to Las Vegas, 250 miles.

Monday: Drive from Las Vegas to Lake Mohave, 70 miles

Tuesday: Drive home from Lake Mohave, 250 miles.

My goal is to hit 200K during AMVIV. Wouldn’t that be cool! I’ll be well over 170K miles by the end of this week so that’s only 30K by the end of March. As I’ve got another Vegas trip this month as well as a possible trip out to Streets of Willow Springs (no, I’m not tracking her), I think it’s doable.

While out at Lake Mohave, I snapped a few pics.

MINI in the desert

this would have been better...

You can see more pictures from my trip on my Flickr.

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  1. hey db- seeing how many miles a MINI can motor is very inspiring!

    I remember in an early woofcast (around 20?) where Randy Webb estimated the life of the MCS supercharger to be about 150k. Do you know of any upcoming hinderances to your car making it to the 200 mark (mechanically). And, do you have the highest mileage for a new MINI?? If so, MINIUSA needs to know!

    Good luck- and, sorry about your horrendous commute.

  2. I remember reading someplace that the MC is good to 165K – 168K. So much for that. And, actually, the supercharger on the MCS is only supposed to be good to about 110K miles or thereabouts. Most of the ones I’ve heard of getting replaced were right in that area.

    Other than the suspension parts that need replacing (pretty much all of them), I’m not sure. I have had to replace the AC unit. I would imagine I’ll be having to do the clutch fairly soon as this one has almost 120K miles on it (as does the transmission). Otherwise, so far so good.

    I’ve got big plans after 200k if she makes it…

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