Humvee Hybrid?

From Autoblog:

The current military-issue Humvee will be replaced by 2011, with contracts being awarded to suppliers sometime in 2009. At the moment the Army and Marine Corps are researching hybrid drivetrains for the Humvee replacement, with the Army conducting research on six different hybrid Humvees and the Marine’s testing the RST-V (Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Targeting Vehicle) that employs electric motors in each wheel hub, just like Mitsubishi’s Concept-CT unveiled at the Detroit auto show.

The article goes on to talk about the possibility of Hydrogen Fuel Cell power as well. If you are interested, definitely worth the read.


3 replies on “Humvee Hybrid?”

  1. What’s interesting is that wasn’t the original Willey’s Jeep that the HUMVEE replaced around for something like 40 years?

    Heck, there are lots of military organizations around the world that still use the old Willey’s Jeep or some derivative.

    Yet after what 15, 16 years after the HUMVEE was introduced, the military is already looking to replace it…


  2. I don’t know if they are really looking to replace so much as they are looking to modernize. There are some great benefits to having military vehicles that could run on electricity it would appear. Those alone would make me want to look into it.

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