If I’m honest…

Y’all know that I’ve got the mad miles on my MINI. Getting close to 192K. I haven’t been working as much, so the miles aren’t adding up like they used to, which is a good thing. There are a few minor issues I’m having that is making her not quite so brilliant.

  • Radiator has a very small leak and needs to be replaced or repaired
  • Front suspension needs some work. In full lock I’m getting an odd clicking sound. Going forward, not in reverse (which was almost always there).
  • Door lock motors no longer work. Either side.
  • Front seats could use covers
  • Paint is looking a bit rough, especially on the front

Really, not too bad considering I do have close to 13 years worth of miles on a car that is a bit more than 5 years old.

She still starts every time. Running a bit rough since I’ve had to switch to mid-grade fuel to save the pennies, but that’s easily fixed.

I am hoping to start repairs at the end of summer or sooner if the price is right and I’ve got the cash. I just want my MINI to be, you know, like a MINI again.

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  1. My plans are to possibly get an R55 actually. But, very many things have to fall into place before that happens. Mainly a regular revenue stream.

  2. Have loved hearing about your car DB for a long while, glad to see a Mini driver that enjoys their car whether they have the newest and hottest or an old dog is refreshing. Still hoping to see you break 200k in her, any word on the highest mileage Mini to date? Betting your in super rare country.

  3. I heard once that there was a Silk Green someplace in the midwest that cracked 200k sometime in ’07. From what I’ve seen, I’m definitely in the top 10 mileage-wise for MINIs in the US and pretty much anyplace else.

  4. Have a Black-eyed purple S that my wife has already let me know will be with us for the very long haul. Have 130k to make up before I catch you lol, though someday I guarantee it will see 200+k

  5. Be sure to save for that replacement supercharger you are going to need at about 100K.

    The most I’ve heard about on an S is 180k and I know there are a few around here in SoCal with over 120k.

  6. Too keep this car going we have determined to do whatever work is needed. Already have a long term maintenance package and will refresh the paint as needed. Trying to keep this car as fresh as possible so it gets rather babied.

  7. db
    After reading this blog, it sound like you plan on driving you MINI until the wheels litterally fall off. :-). Here’s to 200K!!

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