Internet Safety

This is something that I have been posting quite a bit about over here, and I thought it was time to post a little something about it here.

Stop using Internet Explorer.

Yes, that’s right. Just stop. After last weeks Download.ject, I am in full agreement with all of the other ‘experts’ out there in saying that it is no longer safe to use Internet Explorer as a full time browser.

There are many others to choose from, but we at dbmini hightly recommend Mozilla Firefox, available in flavors for all you, including windows. It’s free, fairly simple to configure, blocks pop-ups, doesn’t allow ActiveX or the direct execution of .exe files.

But, if you are going to be totally die-hard about using IE, then make sure you are taking precautions. Get yourself a descent pop-up blocker (Try the google, yahoo or MSN toolbars). Make sure you keep your antivirus up-to-date. Make sure you have anti-virus! You windows users, be sure to visit the Windows update site, or better still, make sure you have it set to automatically download updates (this will work for you dial-up users too!).

There are supposed to be many wholesale changes and fixes coming down from Microsoft in the shape of Windows XP service pack 2. I am yet unaware if the updates will be available to users of other versions of windows.

Thank you.