It happened again

Way back in November, 2008. I turned 200K miles and had my first breakdown; the alternator died.

Alternator was replaced with a rebuilt unit that I sourced from an independant parts house in California. Money was very tight, so with some help from my brother-in-law, we replaced the alternator. That is definitely a job that falls way outside of my skill set, which is why I enlisted help.

Here we are, 51K miles and 21 months later and it happened again. Driving home today, the battery light came on, again. I was able to get home, but the power steering and brakes were behaving badly. A few text messages to Chad (DetroitTuned) and some testing _that I shouldn’t have done_ confirms that the problem, more than likely, is a bad alternator.

At least I wasn’t stuck in the middle of the desert this time.

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