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Did you see this post that Gabe recently posted on Motoringfile?

Ok we’ve had it. We need a break from our regular programing to say a few things. We all critique MINI and wish it had this and that but the truth is we are MotoringFile and we love this damn car. There’s nothing else like it and frankly we’d be really pissed if it ever went away. It’s fast, it’s stylish and it’s (relatively) affordable for how incredibly good it is.

Here here Mr. Bridger! Listen to the next Woofcast to see how and why that post came about. And might I say, it’s about time.

Here are my completions to the Top 10 list.

8.) It’s extremely reliable. As the owner of an ’03 R50 with over 230k miles on the odometer, I can say that. Proudly!

9.) Even with as many miles as I have. Even with the cost of the repairs I’ve undergone (and still have left). Even with still missing a piece of my lower trim that drives all y’all to absolute distraction. Even with all of that, it is still the best car that I have ever owned.

10.) Without the MINI, there would be no White Roof Radio or Motoringfile and I would have never met any of those guys or those of you that I have met in person. That would suck.

I’m with Gabe. It’s time the bickering stop. It’s time the complaining stops. It is time we remember what brought us all here in the first place and enjoy that to the fullest extent that we possibly can.

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